Nanotechnology Education

Priority educational initiatives (PEI)

Priority educational initiatives (PEI) which are core aspects of the project will enable education of the next generation of researchers and engineers to the multidisciplinary scientific and technological domains of nanosafety.

In an education and training context, the new “safe by design nanomaterials” paradigm developed by the SERENADE network implies to acquire basic knowledge and concepts not only in nanosciences and technology but also in nanotoxicology and environmental sciences and engineering. The interdisciplinary nature of nanoscience and nanosafety sets them apart from the traditional undergraduate and graduate curriculum as well as from recent nanotechnology and nanosciences education programs. 

The objective of the SERENADE labex-network is to create new synergetic dynamics to educate and train a new generation of scientists and skilled workers in the multidisciplinary perspective of developing concepts for the next generation of “safer and responsible” nano-materials.  

To meet the objectives three Priority Education Initiatives (PEI) have been implemented.

Priority Educational Initiatives

PEI 1 - 3

PEI 1 - Development of the National Nanosafety (e-)Learning Community and Network (N2LCN)

The objective of the PEI 1 is the development of common and standardized educative materials among the different educative centers.

SERENADE develops a National Nanosafety Community and Network to provide an unique opportunity for designing new approaches to teaching concepts of nanosciences, toxicology, ecotoxicology, eco-design, innovative business models and management practices.

PEI 2 - Economic And Business Development

The objective of PEI 2 is to offer workforce development and industry training opportunities for initial skill development, technical upgrading, and professional advancement of workers in a fast growing field.

SERENADE’s PEI 2 will focus on the implementation of a Specialist Master’s degree (Novancia Business School Paris) dedicated to graduates and offering both double skills and professional training in an emerging role. The Specialists Master’s "Safe-by-design innovation and Business Development" will benefit from the partners’ expertise to train managers of companies in relation with nanotechnology (producers or users).

PEI 3 - Summer School and International Educative Initiative

The objective of PEI 3 is to foster educative cooperation with European as well as US higher education institutions with a view to promote study programs and mobility as well as the mutual understanding of innovation to improve the transfer from fundamental research into successful innovations.

The SERENADE network is naturally placed in an international dimension, due to worldwide importance of nanotechnology development and the recognition of the French partners pre-eminence in the field of nanosafety. The SERENADE labex-network benefits from high-level international partnerships and activities.