A new approach to help the development of safer products

During 9 years, the SERENADE center has been working intensively on the safe(r) by design approach applied to nanotechnologies in order to help the development of safer nanoenabled products. The main projects are presented here in the form of infographics.

An approach based on four strategies

The SERENADE projects focus on safe(r) by design development, discover this specific approach through this infographic. Four main strategies are followed to analyse and limit the risk of nanomaterials. Click on one of them to see all projects using a specific strategy.

Thanks to these infographics, discover the different SERENADE projects, from the study of a safer sunscreen to the development of novel pesticides.

Download the PDF format

As you understand above, the risk depends of the danger and the exposure. Discover a mesocosm database developped by the LabEx SERENADE which focuses on environmental exposure of nanomaterials. Discover the database