End of Life

PRA 4 - End of Life

The goal of this PRA is the development of advanced technologies for the end of life of the products: recycling, waste management, water treatment will be implemented in close relations with the companies starting from the best technologies (coagulation-floculation, flotation, membrane separation, fragmentation, incineration…)

Transfer, transformation and flux of Nms within the environment showing the links between the different disciplines.

To date, with more than 1500 nano-enabled products already on the market

One of the main questions is how the various forms of nanomaterials will be disposed of and treated at the end of their use and what are the best processes for recycling. 

While one major goal of this project is to strongly limit/eliminate the release of harmful material during the life cycle, recycling and disposal issues will always be unavoidable: even the safest nanoproduct will become a waste. 

Contact : Emeric Frejafon, INERIS

The challenge in PRA4 is to identify recycling, treatment and disposal solutions for nanowaste

that meet the same safety standards as the earlier stages of the products' life cycle. One approach consists in examining whether existing procedures developed for other types of (hazardous) waste can be applied to nanowaste.