Labex Serenade News and events

New article by Marchioni et al. in Nanoscale horizons

Article on "Safer-by-design biocides made of tri-thiol bridged silver nanoparticle assemblies" by Marianne Marchioni, Giulia Veronesi, Isabelle Read More

Colloque Rayons X et Matière à Nancy du 19 au 22 novembre 2019 : réservez la date !

Chers collègues La treizième édition du colloque "Rayons X et Matière" aura lieu du 19 au 22 novembre 2019 au Domaine de l’Asnée à Villers-les-Nancy. Read More

Save the Date: 2019 NanoEHS COR Workshop

Breakout sessions will be in two sets the 15th pm and 16th am. Please find here the details of each sessions : Read More

Post doctoral position at CEA, Grenoble

A post doctoral position to work - Safe by design functional coating for interior and exterior with enhance radiation efficiency: a way to save building energy Context: Read More

New article by Dalzon et al. in Environmental Science: Nano

Silver nanoparticles are known to strongly affect biological systems, and numerous toxicological studies have investigated their effects. Most of these studies examine the effects immediately following acute exposure. In this work, we have conducted further investigation by studying not only the acute, post-exposure response, but also the cellular response after a 72 hour-recovery-phase post exposure. Read More

New article by Veronesi et al. in ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces

Many attempts have been made to synthesize cadmium-free quantum dots (QDs) using nontoxic materials, while preserving their unique optical properties. Despite impressive advances, gaps in knowledge of their intracellular fate, persistence and excretion from the targeted cell or organism still exist, precluding clinical applications. In this study, we used a simple model organism (Hydra vulgaris) presenting a tissue grade of organization to determine the biodistribution of indium phosphide (InP) based QDs by X-ray fluorescence imaging. Read More

New article by Motellier et al. in Environmental Science & Technology

Investigating the transport of engineered nanoparticles through representative soils is an important issue in assessing their mobility and fate in the environment. In this study, successive injections of gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) were performed in a quartz sand column with an eluent... Read More

Graduate Course on Speciation and Bioavailability of Metals, Organics, and Nanoparticles 30 September – 4 October 2019, Belgium

This course focuses on the speciation and bioavailability of metal complex species, organic compounds and nanoparticles in aqueous environments. Read More

Workshop - synchrotrons de 4ème génération - 16/17 septembre, Paris

Plusieurs centres de rayonnement synchrotron dans le monde réfléchissent actuellement à une évolution basée sur de nouveaux concepts d’accélérateur. Ces évolutions permettent une augmentation importante de la brillance, avec un fort gain en cohérence et une émittance extrêmement réduite. Ce workshop abordera les perspectives de ces évolutions. Read More

Goldschmidt2019: One month left to submit your abstract!

Goldschmidt is the foremost annual, international conference on geochemistry and related subjects, organised by the European Association of Geochemistry and the Geochemical Society. Read More