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ITEM, nouvel Institut Méditerranéen pour la Transition Environnementale : lancement réussi !

L’institut Méditerranéen pour la Transition Environnementale (ITEM), faisant parti des 13 nouv Read More

New article by Torres et al. in Nanomaterials

Synthetic amorphous silica is used in various applications such as cosmetics, food, or rubber reinforcement. These uses increase human exposure, and thus the potential risk related to their short- and long-term toxicity for both consumers and workers. Read More

New article by Lajarrige et al. in Applied Sciences

Nanocomposite materials based on bio-polyesters (PBSA and PHBV) have been evaluated for their suitability for food contact according to the recommendations defined for non-biodegradable plastic materials, and subsequently, according to accelerated aging treatment. Read More

New article by Biola-Clier et al. in Nanomaterials

TiO2 nanoparticles (NPs) are one of the most produced NPs worldwide and are used in many consumer products. Their impact on human health, especially through inhalation, has been studied for more than two decades. Read More

Lancement de l'institut ITEM

L'Institut ITEM - Institut Méditerranéen pour la Transition Environnementale validé par Aix-Marseille Université et financé par AMIDEX débute à partir de janvier 2020. Read More

Article by Geitner et al. in Environmental Science: Nano

The chemical composition and properties of environmental media determine nanomaterial (NM) transport, fate, biouptake, and organism response. To compare and interpret experimental data, it's essential that sufficient context be provided for describing the physical and chemical characteristics of the setting in which a nanomaterial may be present. Read More

New article by Alam et al. in the journal of Chemical Physics

Eu2+ is used to replace toxic Pb2+ in metal halide perovskite nanocrystals (NCs). The synthesis implies injection of cesium oleate into a solution of europium (ii) bromide at an experimentally determined optimum temperature of 130 °C and a reaction time of 60 sec Read More

Post doctoral position at ISTerre, Grenoble

Applicants must hold a PhD in Chemistry, Physics, Material science, or a related field, and have extensive experience in force spectroscopy both in air and liquids. Knowledge about crystallization/mineralogy is desired but not a must. Excellent oral and written communications skills in both French and English are a must. Read More

new article by Labille et al. in Science of the total environment

In order to assess the release of UV filters from the sunscreen used by beachgoers into seawater within the bathing zone, a field campaign was carried out during the summer of 2017 at three beaches in Marseille, along the French Mediterranean coast. Read More

Inscription au congrès France Nature Environnement Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Notre fédération régionale organise le 22 novembre 2018 un congrès sur la thématique des déchets. Read More