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New article by Weiss et al. in ACS Nano

The COVID-19 outbreak has fueled a global demand for effective diagnosis and treatment as well as mitigation of the spread of infection, all through large-scale approaches such as specific alternative antiviral methods and classical disinfection protocols. Read More

New article by Morin et al. in Building and Environment

Given the toxic nature of many volatile organic compounds (VOCs) present within indoor environments, it is necessary to develop new materials to eliminate them. Photocatalytic paints represent a promising technology to remove the indoor pollutants but they are not optimised yet. Read More

New article by Suárez et al. in Environmental Science: Nano

The impact on human health of long-term exposure to low doses of silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) remains understudied. Read More

New article by Nassar et al. in Environmental Science: Nano

The vast diversity of applications using nanomaterials and enhanced physicochemical properties at the nanoscale have raised questions concerning their potential environmental risks. Assessing the risk of nanomaterials in a real ecosystem is extremely challenging because of the system complexity and the relevant environmental doses tested. Read More

New article by Carriere et al. in Mutation Research/Genetic Toxicology and Environmental Mutagenesis

TiO2 particles are broadly used in daily products, including cosmetics for their UV-absorbing property, food for their white colouring property, water and air purification systems, self-cleaning surfaces and photoconversion electrical devices for their photocatalytic properties. Read More

New article by Simonnin et al. in The journal of chemical chemistry

Superionic conductivity in certain polymorphs of Ag2S has inspired numerous concepts for materials applications, but the relationship between the structure and the mobility of silver ions remains poorly explored. Read More

New article by Laridon et al. in Polymers

Although PE-based nanocomposites are gaining interest within the food packaging industry for their outstanding functional properties, their end-of-life has been poorly studied. Read More

New article by Lehutso et al. in Process Safety and Environmental Protection

The release of engineered nanomaterials into the environment is increasing at a rapid pace due to rising production and incorporation into a variety of consumer products, collectively referred to as nano-enabled products. Read More

Post doctoral position at IRCER, Limoges

The candidate should hold a master degree or an equivalent diploma in materials science, condensed matter physics, solid-state mechanic or other closely related fields. She/he will get an ability to work independently, to plan and carry out intricate tasks. Read More

Post doctoral position at IRCER, Limoges

Master level in materials science with a background in solid mechanics or master level in mechanics with a specialization in materials. A great affinity with instrumentation, experimental investigations and microstructure characterization in order to interpret the obtained results. Read More